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How long will my dental restorations last?

Dental Restorations Pikesville MDPatients often want a definitive answer to this question, and the truth is that we can't provide an accurate answer. With so many variables affecting how long your dental work lasts, it is impossible to predict. Lifestyle factors such as diet, stress, teeth grinding, fingernail biting, brushing and flossing habits, and physiological factors all play a role in the longevity of your dental work.

With the amount of force that your teeth and dental restorations absorb, it almost seems like a miracle that your dental work lasts more than a couple of months!

We do our best to preserve the health of your natural teeth because they are, by far, the longest lasting and strongest option available to you.

When dental work is necessary, you can improve the length of time that it lasts by taking care of your teeth and gums. Regular brushing and flossing habits, routine dental exams, professional dental cleanings, wearing a nightguard if it is recommended, and following your dentist’s other recommendations can all improve your chances of keeping your dental restorations healthy for many years to come.

To put things in perspective, dental insurance usually covers a new filling every two years and a new crown every five years. In the meantime, we will do our best to get as much longevity out of your dental work as we can.

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