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5 Signs and Symptoms That Mean You Should Be Evaluated for Gum Disease

June 30, 2018
Posted By: Scott J. Stephens , DDS
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Gum disease affects over 50 percent of American adults, and as we look at aging populations, those numbers go up dramatically. Part of the challenge is that gum disease can go undetected unless you know what to look for. We offer periodontics in Fayetteville, AR and can help you regain your health.

Here are five signs that may mean you have gum disease:

#1 Your Gums Bleed When You Brush or Floss

Bleeding gums are an indication that something is wrong. If something is lodged in the gums, they may bleed for a few days. You can floss to remove the offending object. If, however, your gums bleed for an extended period of time, it can indicate that you have gum disease.

#2 You Have Bad Breath

Bad breath that is always present and is not related to a delicious Italian or Greek meal loaded with garlic and onions, periodontal disease is the likely culprit. Periodontal disease has a specific odor caused by bacteria inside the mouth.

#3 Your Gums Are Receding

Gums that recede are pulling back from the tooth and exposing the roots of the teeth. Exposed roots become more likely to develop decay and can feel quite sensitive.

#4 Your Gums Look Red and Swollen

Like any infection, gum disease causes inflammation, which can feel painful and look red. You might shy away from brushing and flossing your teeth because it hurts, but it is essential to improve your health. A dental cleaning will also help remove bacteria and tartar.

#5 Your Teeth Move 

Mobile teeth indicate advanced periodontal disease caused by infection and bone loss that causes teeth to become unstable.

To learn more about periodontics in Fayetteville, AR, give us a call to schedule a dental exam.

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