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Misconceptions About Root Canals

November 20, 2015
Posted By: Scott J. Stephens, DDS
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When people hear the term “root canal” they think of a really painful and extensive dental procedure, but there a lot of misconceptions about root canals. It is one of the most common dental procedures done besides cleanings and many people will need to have at least one at some point in the life. Dr. Scott J. Stephens and his team at Scott J. Stephens Family and Cosmetic Dentistry want to inform their patients about the myths regarding root canals, and why it is such a beneficial procedure for those with extensive tooth decay to get. 

Misconceptions About Root Canals

  • They are painful – This is one of the many fallacies about root canals. Root canals are not done to cause our patients pain, but to get rid of it. Most often, those with bad tooth decay will be in severe pain and a root canal will clear the decay out of your tooth and fill it so you will no longer be experiencing pain. There is also very little to no pain during the procedure due to anesthesia and generally, your dentist will prescribe a pain medication to use as needed afterwards.  
  • Its invasive – During a root canal, your dentist will not touch any other part of your mouth besides the infected tooth. A rubber dam is actually placed over your entire mouth with the exception of the tooth having the procedure. This is done to help minimize infection and the spread of bacteria. Though if there is a lot of damage you may need to have a few follow up appointments to completely remove the infection. 
  • The tooth will need to be removed – Many people think that a tooth that requires a root canal will end up needing to be pulled at some point anyway, but that is what root canals try to prevent. Once the infection pulp is removed a filling and crown are placed on the tooth to keep it from further damage. Without a root canal, an infected tooth would eventually need to be extracted. 
  • Root canals cause disease – Another well-known myth is that root canals can lead to inflammatory diseases such as heart disease and kidney disease, but there is no link between them. Poor dental health can actually be a major cause and symptom of these diseases. 

Don’t Put Off Your Root Canal

If you have been ignoring the pain in your tooth and putting off seeing your dentist for a root canal you may be causing more damage. Not removing the infection can cause the infection to spread and the tooth to be pulled. If you would like more information on root canals or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office today!

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