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Looking for a Change? Consider Teeth Whitening

July 3, 2017
Posted By: Scott J. Stephens, DDS Staff
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Summer is an exciting time because vacations, family reunions, and special events mark your calendar. It can also create a certain level of anxiety too, especially if you have not seen some of the people you will be celebrating with for quite some time.

You will probably choose some clothes that make you feel good about yourself, get a haircut or a manicure, and wash the car before you show up at these special events. What about giving your smile a tune up? If it is not quite as bright and white as it used to be, professional teeth whitening can make you feel great and create a more youthful appearance.

We offer both in-office and take-home teeth whitening options, depending on how soon your special event occurs and if you wish to have teeth whitening here in our Fayetteville dental office or if you prefer to do it at home.

In-office teeth whitening can improve your smile by several shades in about one hour. Many of our busy patients prefer this option because who doesn’t want a brighter smile fast? Instant results are exciting.

For our patients who wish to whiten their teeth more gradually or who want the flexibility of doing it at home, we will create custom teeth whitening trays and give you an appropriate strength of whitening gel for you to use on your own time in the convenience of your house while doing chores, reading, or watching television.

The teeth whitening options we provide are dramatically superior to any of the options available in stores. Dr. Scott Stephens will discuss your options with you and give you the whitening system that will address your particular level of stains and help you avoid sensitivity.

To learn more about teeth whitening, contact our Fayetteville dental office and complement that summer tan with whiter teeth.

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