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What You Need to Know about DIY Braces

February 27, 2018
Posted By: Scott J. Stephens, DDS Staff
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We offer clear braces here in our Fayetteville, AR dental office to help teen and adult patients improve the appearance of their teeth and for more comfortable function.

You can imagine how shocked we were when a disturbing trend recently appeared on YouTube and other online media outlets – teens fabricating braces out of household objects with the intent of moving their own teeth. If you see your kids using paperclips, rubber bands, or aluminum foil in their mouths, here are some reasons you should put a stop to it immediately.

DIY Braces Can Cause Permanent Damage

Putting any foreign material around teeth or near gums can cause teeth to break, chip, or become discolored, creating worse problems than before. Tooth loss is even a possibility when you try to perform dentistry, including DIY braces, at home.

DIY Braces Can Injure Your Child’s Mouth

Sharp paperclips and other materials can cause punctures, scrapes, cuts, and infection. It is best to never put anything sharp in your mouth and leave orthodontia to your dentists.

If the mouth becomes infected, it can be challenging to treat, especially when kids are not always forthcoming when they are being sneaky.

DIY Braces Can Cause Bone Loss or Bite Problems

When planning orthodontic treatment, we move teeth using constant low force pressure to protect the underlying bone. We also monitor the impact of treatment on bone and ensure that by the end of treatment, the teeth come together correctly. When teeth do not meet properly when you bite together, uneven wear, chips, and fractures can occur. Jaw joints also have to work harder to chew, leading to a degenerative joint condition called TMD, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

For a safe alternative to DIY braces, consider choosing clear braces in our Fayetteville, AR dental office. Call us to learn more.

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