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3 Effects E-Cigs Have on Your Oral Health

July 26, 2017
Posted By: Scott J. Stephens DDS Staff
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Marketing by e-cig companies would have you believe that the vapor from an e-cig is much safer for you than the smoke from a traditional cigarette. A recent Ohio study states otherwise, as does the American Lung Association. 

Since the ingredients used in e-cigs are largely unregulated by the FDA, little is known about the full scope of the ingredients. Some contain artificial flavors and formaldehyde, which are cancer-causing agents.

When considering your oral health, here are some things to remember about e-cig use.

E-Cigs Cause Periodontal Disease

The recent Ohio study shows that e-cigs do not reduce the instances of periodontal disease, but may actually increase the risk. Any tobacco user is at higher risk for periodontal disease, which is why you should be honest with your dentist about your smoking history, so we can make sure you get the proper care.

E-Cigs Can Lead to Cigarette Smoking

When teens start out using e-cigs, they are more likely to move on to smoking cigarettes. The earlier this occurs, the greater risk placed on their oral health and overall health. If you want support helping your teen to quit tobacco, we can provide a number of valuable resources that increase the likelihood of success.

E-Cigs Cause an Increased Risk of Oral Cancer

People who use e-cigs are at a greater risk for oral cancer than non-smokers. Tobacco use is a major risk factor in oral cancer, along with alcohol use. We provide oral cancers screenings on a regular basis for all of our patients because your dentist is usually the first to detect suspicious lesions. Early detection can save your life.

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