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What Does Dental Bonding Do?

June 28, 2016
Posted By: Scott J. Stephens, DDS
Dental Bonding Fayetteville | Dr. Scott J Stephens

You have probably heard of dental bonding and might wonder what the possibilities are when it comes to improving your own smile. Dental bonding requires the same composite mixture that we use in creating tooth-colored fillings. Composite comes in a full range of colors and we can match it to your existing teeth. Since composite does not whiten the same way as your natural tooth, you should whiten your teeth to your desired shade before treatment.

Dental Bonding Defined

Dental bonding is often used to make small repairs to your teeth. We can fill in gaps, repair chips, and reshape your teeth using dental bonding. Since we add to your existing tooth structure, it is a very conservative treatment.

First we prepare your tooth to adhere to the composite material by placing an etching material in the affected area. This material makes your tooth surface create a better bond with the composite. Next, we will add composite to fill in the chip or gap in your tooth until the area is completely filled in. Using a curing light, we will harden the material so that it is strong and stable. Finally, Dr. Stephens will shape the composite to match your tooth perfectly and then polish it to a shine. 

No one will notice that you have had bonding! It will look completely natural and blend well with your smile.

Cosmetic Consultations at our Fayetteville AR Office 

Dental bonding does not work well for large repair jobs. We may recommend a dental veneer or crown to give you more stability, but for those people who have small cosmetic issues, dental bonding is a cost-effective approach to cosmetic dentistry. We can complete most dental bonding in one visit.

If you are seeking a dentist that offers dental bonding in the Fayetteville area, contact our office! We are welcoming new patients and look forward to meeting you.

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