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Do You Believe These Myths about Dentists?

September 1, 2017
Posted By: Scott J. Stephens, DDS Staff
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People have always had misconceptions about dentists. If you consider that in the late 1800s, barbers were considered qualified to remove diseased teeth, it’s no wonder that dentists have had some unfair mythology follow them through the centuries.

Today, dentists are required to earn the proper education and training to perform surgeries. At a minimum, it takes eight years of education, rigorous testing, and often an additional year or two of training or residency to gain their licenses. They also have to stay on top of modern developments with regular continuing education courses. Essentially, dentists never finish their studies.

Do you believe some of these myths about dentists?

Myth #1 – Dentists Have Perfect Teeth

Like everyone else, dentists can have occasional problems with their teeth and gums. This is proof that even the most conscientious people can develop oral conditions. Fortunately, dentists often know other dentists who can take care of them. The trick? Finding time to do it!

Myth #2 – Dentists Don’t Eat Sugar

If you investigated the staff lunchroom in your dental office, you will probably find cookies, candy, and other sweets. Dentists are notorious for having a sweet tooth. To keep the cavities away, dentists brush their teeth afterward and (try) to stick to a healthy diet.

Myth #3 – Dentists Are Scary

Dr. Stephens loves sci-fi and horror, but only in movies. Most people feel right at ease around him because of his kind and easygoing nature.

If you ask a dentist what made them decide on their career, 90 percent of the time, it will be one of three answers:

  • They were inspired by their dentist as a child.
  • They want to help people.
  • They enjoy the science and artistry of the dental field.

Nothing scary about that! 

Dentists often feel the most satisfaction when they help someone regain their health and appearance.

Myth #4 – Dentists Don’t Know If You Have Been Flossing

Starting to floss two days before your next dental appointment doesn’t mean that you remove evidence of months of neglect. Even though your dentist knows the truth, they are not in the business of making people feel guilty.

Myth #5 – Dentists Have Glamorous Lifestyles

Most dentists work long hours and often get pulled away from evenings and weekends with family for dental emergencies. They bend over patients all day doing precision work that leaves their hands and backs aching. 

Why do they do it? Because of a passion for helping people feel good about their smiles.

If you ask your dentist, you may find they've been traveling around the country or world to educate and provide dentistry to those in need. It seems philanthropy is part of their nature.

About Dr. Scott J. Stephens

Did you know that Dr. Scott Stephens wanted to be a special effects artist when he was a kid? It was his love of art and detail that eventually drew him to the field of dentistry.

If you are looking for a dentist in Fayetteville, AR, who is fun, gentle, and highly skilled at creating beautiful smiles, come by and meet Dr. Stephens. He just might be able to debunk some of these unfair myths.

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