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OPT-In Dental Advantage in Fayetteville, AR

Opt In Dental Advantage Fayetteville ARAre you tired of being treated like a number when it comes to your health and dental care? Do you want extra assurance that your dentist will put you first and work hard to provide you with the very best dentistry available?

Not all dentists are the same. With OPT-In Dental Advantage, participating dentists agree to use the correct blend of art, skill, and science to provide you with the very best care available.

Dr. Stephens is a Charter Member of OPT-In Dental Advantage, a private practice organization dedicated to the dentist-patient relationship.

Choosing the Office That Is Right for You 

OPT-In Dental Advantage helps you determine the type of office that will best meet your needs. They will show you which dental offices are privately owned and which ones are corporate or chain offices. 

Choosing the dental office that will provide you with dental care that meets your health needs, lifestyle, and goals for your appearance is important. OPT-In Dental Advantage will help you find the dentist who meets your needs.

At your visit, you can expect:

  • To be greeted promptly and treated courteously
  • The doctor to spend time answering your questions
  • High-quality care
  • A variety of treatment options
  • To not be rushed
  • To see the same friendly faces at each visit
  • Assistance understanding your insurance and coverage

The fact is that dental insurance hasn’t changed much in the past fifty years. Maximums have not changed with the times, nor has coverage changed with technology. In fact, insurance should be viewed as a way to subsidize treatment costs, not as a catch-all for all of your care.

With OPT-In Dental Advantage, we work to maximize your benefits, and we will always give you all your treatment options available – no matter what your insurance policy covers – because we believe you should have choices when it comes to your dental care.

As a patient of an OPT-In Dental Advantage dentist, you have a partner in oral health as well as your overall health. OPT-In Dental Advantage members abide by a code of ethics, which we take very seriously. We feel that the doctor-patient relationship should be a partnership in quality care.


With the changes happening in dentistry today, patients deserve to know that there are dentists who still have integrity and dedication when it comes to your oral health. Instead of focusing on profit, we remain dedicated to you – the patient – and your dental health and wellness.

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