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Finding the Right Fayetteville Dentist for Your Family

Finding the right Fayetteville, AR practice for family dental care doesn’t have to be a difficult process, but it should be a thorough one. After all, you are looking for a healthcare practitioner to be a partner in taking care of you and your family’s oral health for many years to come.

Let’s take a look at some considerations to keep in mind.

Tips for Finding the Right Dentist

Talk to people you know to get recommendations. If they like their dentist, the chances are good that you will too. Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and work colleagues. You can also check with your family doctor and the neighborhood pharmacist for recommendations.

Look for ...

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3 Suggestions for Choosing the Right Dentist in Fayetteville, AR

If you are new to town or looking for a new Fayetteville, AR dentist to care for your family’s oral health needs, typing a search into Google can result in many options. It might feel impossible and overwhelming to choose. Selecting a dentist, however, can make the difference when it comes to how likely you are to maintain your routine dental appointments or to follow through with treatment.

Here are three suggestions in the form of questions that can help you narrow down your search.

What Are Your Dental Needs?

Finding a dentist that offers the type of dentistry you want and need should be the first order of business. If you want cosmetic ...

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Don't Fall for These Myths about Your Mouth

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With crowdsourced media and differing opinions, finding accurate health information can be a challenge. Your dentist in Fayetteville, Dr. Scott Stephens, will help you wade through the mythology so that you can feel confident about your choices when it comes to your oral health.

Here are some of the common myths that cause oral (and overall) health issues:

Myth #1 Avoid the Dentist while Pregnant

Hormone fluctuations contribute to gum disease. That is why visiting the dentist for a professional dental cleaning during pregnancy is so important. Periodontal disease can lead to low birth weight in babies, so it is essential for your unborn child’s health, as well. Some women require more frequent ...

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Should You Ditch Sugar for Better Oral Health?

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Most people enjoy the occasional sweet treat after a meal or with their morning coffee and having the occasional sugary snack will have little impact on your oral health or your overall health. Sugar becomes a problem with over-consumption and can lead to a number of health issues including weight gain, diabetes, and dental cavities.

Dental cavities are the most common preventable childhood disease. Denying kids the snacks they want might feel cruel or uncomfortable at first, but if you set a healthy example early on, your child will learn to enjoy more nutritious and healthier snacks.

How Cavities Form

Sugar and starch are the preferred fuel for bacteria and they thrive in ...

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Misconceptions About Root Canals

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When people hear the term “root canal” they think of a really painful and extensive dental procedure, but there a lot of misconceptions about root canals. It is one of the most common dental procedures done besides cleanings and many people will need to have at least one at some point in the life. Dr. Scott J. Stephens and his team at Scott J. Stephens Family and Cosmetic Dentistry want to inform their patients about the myths regarding root canals, and why it is such a beneficial procedure for those with extensive tooth decay to get. 

Misconceptions About Root Canals

  • They are painful – This is one of ...

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